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Protein purification in one day

- Protein crystallography

Main steps:

   - Protein purification
     - Introduction
     - Step-by-Step
     - Common sense
     - Protocols
     - Charts & Tables
     - Appendix
   - Crystallisation


   - Programs for crystallography
   - X-ray detectors

Basic tutorials:

   - Chemistry
   - Protein
   - Peptide
   - Amino Acids

Xtal community:

   - CCP4BB
Protocols and tips in protein purification or How to purify protein in one day. by S.E.Sedelnikova

Protein purification is a first step of almost all in vitro protein studies. High quality of purified protein could be critical in respect to their activity and crystallization ability. Almost all proteins lose their activity during any manipulations. Even stored at 4°C protein can lose activity and crystallization ability. That is why it is important to purify protein as quick as possible. This guide gives information how to purify protein in one day.

1. Introduction

2. General sequence of protein purification procedures

3. "Common sense" strategy in protein purification

4. Protocols

5. Charts and Tables

6. Appendixes

  • Determination of protein concentration
  • How to concentrate proteins
  • How to store proteins

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